Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A true data-doodler - Christophe Ladroue (R ddly and plyr on Triathlon Results)

To me, this post by Christophe Ladroue personifies what data doodlers do.

They take a dataset that is of interest to them (In his case, his triathlon results) and then they manipulate the numbers to see what insights can be drawn. Most bloggers only show their final results which look great, but for our purposes (for wannabe data doodlers) it is much more fun to see the process. It is often messy, but that's the way we learn.

In Christophe's example, you will see some data cleanup, then he plots averages and medians across categories. Then he starts to try to squeeze insights out of the day. That is true data analysis.

Check out his full post.

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